1. What is an add-on video?
    An add-on video is one that a team or athlete is able to purchase based on footage that has already been purchased by someone else. As always, we do our best to capture every highlight of that particular team. However, we can not guarantee that your add-on video includes everything that the original purchaser’s does.

  2. Can I order a video for my team or athlete after a good game?
    Our NP Sports Media team shoots on demand. We do our best to offer teams and athletes the opportunity to arrange for us to capture their game footage well before tournament play begins.  We shoot what we are contracted to capture prior to tip-off. However, we do not provide film for games previously played that were not purchased ahead of time.

  3. I just placed an order, but don’t see where I should make a payment.
    Our current system in place requires us to send out an invoice within a few hours of the order being placed.  From there, you can pay online with a card. If the order is placed during the tournament, cash will also be accepted.

  4. How long does it take to receive my mixtape?
    We do our best to have all mixtapes issued within 96 hours of a tournament’s completion — for two- and three-day tournament. Longer tournaments should expect a turn-around time between five to eight days.  All mixtapes are produced in the order that they were purchased.

  5. Do I get to choose my own music for the mixtape?
    Because of copyright laws, customers are unable to select their own music for their mixtapes.  We will do our best to choose beats that pair well with the pace of play and action in the video.

  6. Can I add additional games to my package after the tournament has already started?
    If your athlete or team purchased a smaller package, and wants to add to it, you may consult with a team member to see if your future game times have personnel available to shoot.  If so, you are welcome to purchase subsequent games to be filmed for your mixtape.

  7. I see someone filming on the court we are playing on already, can I just order a video based on that footage?
    If the film personnel is shooting on the basket opposite of your team, that footage is not capturing your team’s highlights.  If they are shooting under your team’s basket, then an add-on video may be purchased for your athlete. (See #1)

  8. My athlete/team didn’t play well; can I get a refund?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds if your athlete or team did not perform up to your expectations.  However, in lieu of the video you ordered, we are able to create a different edit — of another athlete, of a team instead of an individual, or an individual instead of a team — from the footage purchased. You can also exchange your purchase for a gift card.

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